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Cyrus W.  "2004 B6 Audi A4" 

Today we feature this stunning Audi an Aired Pair! Air ride and a vicious stance! For those of you that don't know "Cyrus,"stems from the word Kurush, "kuru" meaning "throne," an derived from the word Khurvas = from the likeness of the sun.......... This was the perfect shot further accentuating the owners name, and his "flossy" ride. Beauty in it's simplest form, we've found it! Red on the outside screaming look at me, then toned down with the black leather guts, the inside resonates the elegance. What better way to bring a dope ride together, than with some air. Giving user full control over ride height at the touch of a button. We can't speak for anyone else but, even static can't get you out of the jams a simple air ride setup can. We are not knocking either or setups but air = win.

The Motivation
Hey guys!  My name is Cyrus Wagner.  I’ve been into cars my whole life and have always been in love with the Euro scene.   I owned a mkIV GTI before the Audi and that was basically my project car.  When it was done I have it bagged and Jeep Wrangler wheels and it looked good!  My most recent car though is the 2004 B6 Audi A4 – I bought it in October of 2010. I absolutely love the B6 model!  I bought the car stock, minus it being tuned and had exhaust, and was determined to get it where I wanted it to be.  Right away I ordered coilovers for it and bought a set of Miro Type 111’s for it.  I also got a deal on a set of the S4 Recaros (Black Leather with White Alcantara).  Before I even had enough time to plate the car it ended up getting vandalized- the whole car was cosmetically a mess.  I had a body shop fixed everything and got a brand new paint job out of it- I left it red because I loved the color!  After that I thought I was done, but I was definitely wrong.  In March of 2011 I had my buddy who worked at a body shop color match the interior trim in my  car and then I splattered it white and then cleared it!  It was something different that I hadn’t seen before so I went with it- I also had the engine cover done.  The car stayed how it was January of 2012, that’s where I bought a euro trunk lid for the car.  You don’t see many B6 Audi A4’s in America with this trunk.  It’s really rare!  The trunk allowed you to rock a euro plate on the back just like a normal license plate.  By March of 2012 I had the Miro’s powdercoated white and had a white euro plate that read RADIOFLYR.  I took it to Water By the Bridge hosted by Grossman Tuning in Louisville, KY and ended up placing 2nd in their show and I was estatic!  That’s the first show I’d ever placed in… EVER!  So after that more and more people started noticing my car.  At that point I knew what needed to be done… BAGS!  I was sick of ruining my fenders due to wheels poking, lol.  So in April of 2012 I went on air!  I bought the b6 kit from BagRiders and when it arrived got together with a few friends and put it all together.  I built a false floor in the trunk.  Once the airride was on I fell in love all over again, haha.  I rocked the car on the white miro type 111’s until after a Michigan show called EuroHangar and then switched it up with a set of chrome Mercedes AMG wheels which are factory AMG, not reps.  I then had my fenders and everything repainted so the car is perfect right now.  Oh, and not to mention its my daily driver.  I don’t have any other cars.

Engine- 1.8T / Stage 1 APR Tune
Cold Air Intake
FORGE Blowoff Valve
Suspension- Full air ride suspension. Kit was from BagRiders. V2 AutoPilot setup with dual 400 compressors.
Interior – S4 Recaro seats (black leather with white alcantara)
Color Matched trim with white paint splatter.
Monster mats
False Floor in the bag with white air tank
Exhaust – full magnalflow setup
Wheels – OEM Mercedes AMG Wheels Chrome / 18x8.5 fronts 18x9.5 rears
Exterior – Euro Trunk Lid
In Pro Chrome Mirror caps
Lighting – LED license plate lights
4500K HIDS Low Beam
3000K Pure Yellow High Beam and Fog lights

Future Plans

One thing I do plan on doing is switching up the wheels down the road.. I want some CCW’s!  and once the stock turbo goes out I plan on putting a bigger turbo on! It will be sick!
Thanks for the opportunity guys!
I really appreciate it!

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