BUILT TO SUIT | Aug. 13-17

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Mike O. "06' scion Xb"

The Scion xB, AKA TOYOTA bB! Whoever would have thought this subcompact 5 door station wagon that debuted back in 2003 would gain such a following? Not I! We Americans where not use to seeing this bold square on the roads besides Chevy's Horrible Astro van...LOL. These "Boxes" were apparently persons wine on wheels, an acquired taste! Only the bold & few even dared. Along the way they gained quiet a few street names like sky on's,  Xbox, and the ever so funny phrase "is that one of them there scones?" All kidding aside despite what we call them, the Scion community is huge, showing the automotive giant Toyota can still hold it's own in today's ECO slump. Toyota improved a lot on their small cars, in sleek designs, added task oriented amenities, and better fuel economy for their target "Generation Z" consumers. Sharing the same platform as Scions ECHO/YARIS means AFTERMARKET HEAVENS!!!!!!! Now let's see what made this Mike's current
crème de la crème....

My motivation:

I have only owned the car for just over a month. When I got it, it was completely stock! I have owned 80+ cars in the 10 years that I have had my lisence, and all but 2 have been lowered, or modified. I manage a body shop, and went to wyotech for schooling. I don't build/mod my cars to set a new trend or to please anyone but myself, I have always pushed low to the limit, and in the last couple years have came to love stance from mild to wild! When xb's first came out I hated them! I thought they were just plain ugly, and seem to get played out by manufactures. One day last year I road in my friends Xb and fell in love with the size they had inside, and the gas mileage I was used to getting in my Hondas. All in all this Xb is being built to suit my needs and put a smiley on face, from hauling yard supplies, to the old man at the stop light telling me that my tires don't look safe.

Stock engine
Stock interior with upgraded led lighting
Toyota echo front struts
Flipped front upper strut mounts
Crown Vic rear air shocks
R.B.T. Springs
Smoked tail lamps and marker lights
Diamond racing wheels specs: 15x8 all around with 5mm back spacing up front(after 7mm spacer) and -12 offset rear
155/60/15 kumhos all around
Real camber -3 camber shims out back
0 camber up front
Aggressive roll on the rear 1/4's
No front fender work

Future plans:
Immediate plans:
Dealer add on fog lights
Bb grill emblem
Tint windows

Down the road plans:
Full respray
Bbs rs or ccw's (more aggressive set up)
Bags (I may get hated for this, but if you saw my driveway and street you would understand)
Power sliding rag top

Shout out:
My wife Ashly for being there thru thick and thin, and dealing with my auto a.d.d. My parents for always being there and giving me the love for all things on wheels! My best friend Justin for always pushing me to the next level and try or fabricate new things! Also a big thanks to John Duda of  rationalgaze.com for the great photos

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