Brother Inspiration | Aug. 27-31

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Amir F. "89' 325i E-40"

Beamer, Benz, or Bently.....?
This week it's a Beamer! Old school, kickin it E30 Style. First let's get the basics out the way, we've all heard the term, BMW, Beamer, and BM, these acronyms are short for Bavarian Motor Works. A leading manufacturer in Luxury automobiles, we see proof of BMW's legendary history everyday. It's never been uncommon for young Men and Women to dream of owning a BMW/Mercedes in life, it's a timeless piece, young and old seek these machines. A quick crash course for the "newb" in you,  E30 is just the modern reference/ID. It's BMW's chassis code/designation usually found within the VIN number. Small terms like this simplify finding parts for the aging beauty. It also helps turn a few more heads your way in a conversation. Imagine, saying "my 1984 3-series" is quite the long winded intro vs "my E30." The production date(s) for the E30 range from 1982–1994. Here, stateside we got the 2 and 4dr versions, abroad they got the 2, 4, and in our personal favorite the 5-door wagon. These cars simply  hold so much essence that this weeks feature on Amir's E30 is one worth staring at for 7-Days!

The motivation

Growing up with an older brother with the same passion also inspired me to get this project car. The E-30's style,shape,stance, and people associated within the Euro style is what brought my attention to this specific car. My motor is not just any M20. I did a rebuild 30,000 miles ago but this time stroking my M20 to a 2.7.i believe my motivation has to do with the fact that i always wanted have a proper clean e30.

Mod List
-M20 stroker
-mega squirt fuel management
-ceramic coated headers
-magnaflow exhaust
-koni fully adjustable coilovers
-converted to e36 5 lug pattern
-alpina recaro seats
- AC Schnitzer shift knob
-AC Schnitzer ebrake lever
-AC Schnitzer pedals
-Mason Struts
-Zender side skirts
-OEM mud flaps
-cold air intake
-stroked to a 2.7
-6k HID headlights
-thule racks
-MOMO Italy Tuner steering wheel

Future Plans
My future plans for my car is to get IMAGE Billet 60 wheels 16x8.5 16x9.5, respraying the entire car the same color &  minor body work.

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