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Beebe T. "2012 Honda Ruckus"

Can you dig it? Where else can you get so much steez on a site? Nowhere! LOL! Gripset is proud to feature this dope Ruckus. We have no clue where to start, except for this Ruckus is one swift machine! We've seen some ruckus's around, plenty floating on instagram, some pretty nice ones too...........but this bad boy just tickles! Honda themed in the red and white color way makes this thing pure eye candy. Laced in chrome, dazzled in countersunk beauty washers and industry tough carbon parts including the ever so famous yosh-pipe, are just a few things that make this ruckus bad ass. We can't think of a better way to own a 2-wheeler that doesn't look like anything else. You know what We're talking about 2-wheelers ever seen a Honda Repsol? or a Suzuki Gsxr 750? We understand they are factory production bikes, absolutely nothing wrong with awesome machines like them but they're all so boringly plain. The dopest thing about the ruckus is they are fully customizable, you can go big with such a small package, simply can't go wrong with this low-key stylish looker! Your imagination is truly your limit here. Now that We made that statement, please DON'T run down the driveway and try to pimp out your sisters Vespa!!  ;)  No pulling hair, Play nice......Let's get past our taunting and behind this Ruckus's story and how Beebe T got here!

My motivation

I have always been a fan of the Honda Ruckus scooter and finally had some time in my busy family and business life to dedicated some time to it. I have always been into modifying my cars. Back in 2003, I purchased a 2002 Honda S2000 that was white with all red interior. This is the reason why I purchased this particular year Honda Ruckus. Each year they come out with a new color theme so this fit my taste and brought me back to my S2000 color scheme.

Before I had my Ruckus purchased, I had parts already on order and arriving to my doorstep. I still was very unfamiliar with all that could be done to a scooter so I researched through my local friends who also owned Ruck's and an online forum

Since the scooter was brand new, with only 5miles on it from the ride home. I had a good friend of mine help me take it apart and start the modifications.

Here is how it stands today July 2012 with these

Dorf seat frame
MNNTHBX skid plate
MNNTHBX dingleberry
MNNTHBX rear tail light
AK Garage Works GET stretch kit with 10x8 fatty rear wheel, Kendra tire
5 spoke Daytona front wheel
RRGS front forks
Brembo disc brakes
ATR rear shock
Composimo Eye to Eye shock adapter
Composimo HeadHider V.1
PasswordJDM Handlebar stem
Standfunctions Gojin handlebars
Standard Functions extended rear brake line
NCY short throttle
NCY Footrest brace
NCY painted gas tank cover
PasswordJDM aluminum washers
PasswordJDM foot pegs
Yoshimura Honda Ruckus 50cc TRC Carbon Exhaust System
Polini Variator & Belt
Stage 6 CF Mirror

RuckHouse 12in Hate V.1 Wheels that I have but have not put them on yet due to a front spacer needed.

Future Plans

 will consist of a complete GY6 motor swap from DorbyWORKS 170cc motor.

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