Sex On Wheels (1.2)

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Dustin C. "Honda S2000"

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As you all may know GripSet daily features are coming to an end and becoming Weekly Features starting July 16th. The crew is working on many things at the moment including apparel/decals/event coverage etc. We definitely have our hands full but we still want to bring you all the best of the best. So here is a perfect example of Dustin's sex on wheels. When I saw this car I had to pass the info. to the crew. Not only is it sitting perfectly but he daily drives it too, something that some and may NOT do. We all know some just garage keep their projects and they only see sunlight at major events. Well here at GripSet we love it when an owner pushes him/her self to the limit and makes the car a Daily Driven. Here is a behind the scenes summary of what Dustin had to say...

What motivated you?

Well recently I had CCW anodize the faces of my classics in bright brushed clear and I love it. As far as the car goes, its got basic mods, PLM header, 70mm test pipe, 75mm HKS single, OEM lip, fujita CAI with the breather tube and bracket shaved and powder coated with the valve cover to match. The coil cover is done in silver vein to give some contrast. Other than that, I have a pioneer dual din that I put in the dash using a JDM navigation bezel, I had fiberglassed to make it angle to the left side, I did a full wire tuck, relocation of just about everything, you name it, shaved a couple brackets and put in some custom AC lines to keep the passenger side clean.

 Wheel specs are 18x10 +51 front with a 245/35
18x11.5 +57 rear with a 285/30
Front camber is like -1.3 and rear is around -3.3-3.6
I have no rubbing issues, I drive this car daily and it sees a lot of quick corners and dips with nothing but grip.

Future plans?

I'll later lay some sheet metal, and plan on doing a brake line and ABS pump relocate, but the next step in the next couple months is a hardtop as I'm so tired of this soft top. Yes everything still works, cruise control AC, heat, windshield washer, all of it.

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GripSet Wants to congratulate Dustin C. & his S2000 for making it into our Favorite Set.

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