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Secret Spot Meet | Fredericksburg, VA
The Gripset crew is excited to bring all of you events & meets from all over the East & West Coast. Just like "The Secret Spot" July 22, 2012 located in Fredericksburg, VA  brought to us by our Crew Photographer Rodney. The meet idea was a bored at work kind of idea, that Chris Parker (Founder) pitched to a good friend, (Nick). They starting realizing that their area didn't have regular meets that bring out High REP. cars or that are welcome to any kind of vehicle. 

"The Secret Spot was made for several reasons, one is to keep the event away from the road and as hidden as possible as well as with a late release date. The reason for that is to keep people guessing and pushes away people that will generally cause problems. In addition, that was the biggest purpose of it. We want everyone and every kind of vehicle to come as well as parents, dogs, kids but all with common sense" - Chris P.

Enough Talking! Enjoy

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  Coverage by GRIPSET Photographer:
R.W. photography

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