Jordan Edition (1.0)

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Tom W. "99' Civic VTI-S Jordan (460/500)"

Unique freak! Gotta love the UK and their gems. We will keep this short and sweet as we take a look into a car that barely needs an introduction......"Hondas Civic Jordan." This rare beauty in a an age where many cars begin to hit the boneyard after mishaps, accidents, theft, track damage, or police consolidations, it's great to see one in prime form. If your a newb ( new booty ) this car was only produced in a very low quantity, 500 units, and for 1yr only ( back in 1999).....Heck!! some of you where still in middle school learning the human body and what makes boys & girls different. This car came basically in CTR trim minus a few this such as wheels, spoiler, and grill.  Who really care's we usually modify a few things anyway. Equipped with this lovely yellow paint job ( seen on the ITR & CTR Chassis ), and a Honda oddity of black and yellow leather interior makes this car an instant collector for Honda enthusiasts......Off to see how this came to be Tom's beauty!


What motivated you?

I'm from Oxford UK, which has a very strong Honda Scene due to the presence of infamous tuner Hond-R.
I purchased my first Honda last year, a B18 powered 1993 EG which I owned for 3 months, before this Civic Jordan popped up, for a bargain price. I got a very good deal in part exchange for my EG. Then with a near enough standard Civic EK4 in my possession I started the modifying. Concentrating on bodywork first. I wanted to make the car my own. The car is now on its fourth set of wheels, which I am now happy with.


16x8 ET20 Grid-V's in Smoked Chrome
195/45 Rubber
EK9 Spoiler
EK9 Grill
EK9 Headlights
EK9 Rear Lights
City Lights
Clear Side Repeaters
Factory Shade Tints to the Rear

Meister R Zeta Coilovers
Skunk 2 LCA's in Gold
Arches Flared

Red Accord Type R seats fitted to EK9 Rails
EK9 Gear Gaiter & Gear Knob
5 Panel Wink Mirror

One-off custom shortened & angled BuddyClub Spec 3
Password:JDM Carbon Intake
Wrinkle Red Rocker Cover
Carbon Spark Plug Cover

What are your future plans?

I hope to fit a turbocharger in the near future and leave it in the capable hands of Hond-R to perform one of their faultless bay tucks.

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