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Elvis T. "94' Honda Accord EX Sedan CD5" 

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 It's crazy how time flys by! June's in the pass, here comes July, and GripSet is still on the hunt for daily features like Elvis T's. Accord. We had to save this one for the first day of July feature. Many of you boys & girls know the car scene is expanding in so many different directions, the reason I mention this is because the GripSet crew  along with the rest of you keep seeing more & more diff. style in cars emerge. Cars that in the past people wouldn't even think twice of making a project, like wagons/ruckus/ 4 doors/etc. However, things have changed. Enthusiasts keep making these rarely ventured turfs look "Hella Clean." In addition to that, here is an example of one of the best clean looking 94' Honda Accord Sedan. When the GripSet crew took a deeper look at this particular ride, we were amazed by how clean it was so we saved it. When we caught up with Elvis we asked him to share a few details and a brief description about his accord and how this love affair began..........Here's what he had to say.

What motivated you to build it? 

"I have always been a Honda guy, my first car was a 1993 Honda Civic Hatchback CX with 48k original miles. I did a JDM D15 swap to that, my first ever! Once that car was sold, I wanted a convertible and out came the 1993 Honda Del Sol Si, which I swapped to a B20/Vtec. Sadly one day a individual didn't see me on the highway, he hit it and totaled it.  Next I wanted something bigger, since I had owned only 2 door cars, the 4dr CD5 came into mind one day. I knew 2 people with Accords and they couldn't stop telling me how the Accord community is great, so I went for it and I bought my 1994 Honda Accord EX. I hadn't seen an all black Accord yet so I decided to go with the murdered out look, blacked out everything. It has been a long 2 years but I am happy to see where it is now, I still have a good amount of work in front of me but it is a good feeling when someone looks at it and says "Is that a Accord???"

Current Mods:
 XXR 530's in flat black, 17x9.75 +25
Honda SiR lip
Mugen Grill
 Retrofitted Depo headlights
Depo tinted rear taillights
BC Racing Coilovers
 Password JDM fenders
NRG quick release with NRG wood wheel
RSX seats
 H22 with SiR trans

What are your future plans?

Have it painted Night Hawk Pearl
 Have the rest of the interior done in black leather (rear seats, doors, etc.)
Stroke and build the motor for a turbo set up

Grip.Set Wants to congratulate Elvis.T & his Accord for making it into our Favorite Set.

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