Far From A Garage Queen (Jul.16-20)

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Tucker S. "Mazda Miata 2001"

We've changed things around here at GRIPSET. We've now moved onto weekly features. Tucker and his fly Miata is first up, Holding down this weeks top spot! The flames, the haters, the man, his persistence! We scratch the surface of what he ( Tucker ) and his Miata are up to. Many people have grown to love Miatas over the past decade. We see or notice more Miatas being tore into and revamped on a regular basis these days, although they've been hiding in plain sight! My only thought is, now that the car culture is flourishing to new heights, they've hit the "main stream."  Similar to a Honda in there ease of modding things like swaps, accessories, wheels, yadda, yadda, these Miatas are staking their claim as well as a refreshing topic of the day! Essentially these small platforms have great potential, just a well rounded car that has gained so much popularity lately. I've seen quiet a few Miatas on track, holding their own, which is nothing new there's truly a big following for them. Watching one, taking me by surprise, they handle amazingly well and are very deadly competitors with mods. With all that said.......Read on, Look on, Enjoy on!  <----- well it's a phrase now! :P

My Motivation: 
I bought the car 8 months ago as a cheap daily driver that I found on craigslist. Ive always been interested in the "stance scene" but have never pulled the trigger on a build of my own, after seeing alot of miatas in the scene here in socal, I noticed that I havent seen many stanced NB miatas, there were only a couple and I didnt think that they did NB's justice to what they had the potential of looking like. So I decided to pull the trigger on my project, at first I didnt want to turn it into a money pit so I ordered some cheap raceleand coilovers and some xxr's, which didnt satisfy me for very long. I stepped my game up and ordered some BC racing extreme lows and had some BBS RS's custom made to my liking. I also wanted to choose a paint color that Ive never seen on any miata before so I chose galaxy grey metallic. I get flamed by tons of NB owners for "ruining a perfectly good car" but to each his own. This car is far from a garage queen, It gets driven over 100 miles a day with my commute to work. Im very happy with my build and there will be alot more to add to this project. 

BBS RS 16x9 et9
Falken 512 205/40-16
BC Racing extreme low coilovers
custom 10k/12k springs
Boss frog double diagonal roll bar
mazdaspeed sideskirts
JDM oem hardtop
K&N drop in filter

Future Plans:

Momo deep wheel and hub
bride vios seats
touge run front lip
project-g g-wing
project-g sidesplitters
racing beat exhaust
possibly forced induction?

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