A Little Bit of Luxury (Jul.30- Aug.3)

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 Narvin S. "02' BMW 530i"

I hope you all remembered the memo, that we'd be making small changes around here. We plan to bring you more coverage, of more events, thanks to the new cast of Gripset Photographers. Even though things are changing we'll still keep the "Weekly features," that we hope you all enjoy. Just like this weeks spot holder Narvin's BMW on works. Satisfaction, we were pleased to bring you this simply clean BMW! If you've ever owned  a white car, You know what we're talking about!  So it was only fitting for Narvin's BMW to be our Third "weekly feature," just a few mods to turn the right heads, not overly/aggressively equipped, really more of a perfect blend to preserve the luxury side of a beemer! We are sure that Narvin has more plans for his BMW but let's here it from him, how it all started..

My Motivation
Well, being in a family that is full of mechanics and people who have owned modified cars, I have been quite familiar with cars my entire life.  I had two uncles that were into drifting.  One owned about 3 S13's and the other owned a Kouki S14.  Being around them all the time and just looking up cars on the internet all the time just kind of influenced me into wanting a nice car.  I went through a phase where I really wanted a 240sx but I realized that I would have not been happy with the interior of the car compared to something that had a little bit of luxury.  As the opportunity came by, I swooped on it and was able to acquire the E39.  My brother, also an influential person throughout my life with these sorts of things, owns a 2005 BMW M3.  Like mine, it is also Alpine White.  I guess you could say we are a "White" family because we own a white Chevy Avalanche as well(we are asian)! hahah!  I was never much of a "stance works" type of guy, but the looks that my brother has received on his cars are amazing!

I went through a little ricer stage and had ugly parts on my car, but none of that will be seen today!  I upped my game and went with the mean looking flush stance.

Future Plans
When the funds come, I plan to further enhance the "hellaflush" and "slammed" trend that has been going on recently.  I am looking to get 18x10 fronts and 18x12 rears in CCW Classics for my car.  I am also going to buy custom BC Coilovers so that I could lower my car even more and slightly change the camber to -3.  This car is basically going to be dumped on the ground!  I am currently awaiting a custom made front lip to be made for my front bumper that looks like the ICONZ style one piece lip for the e46 M3.  I am also awaiting a custom made side diffuser that will also  be put on so that my car will appear lower.  I will also be getting rain guards on my windows. I also planned to get bigger tires for my current rim setup, but since I JUST did that because of a recent incident, that had to happen quicker than I thought.  Right after GripSet showed interest in featuring my car, my tire on my left rear ripped off!  I had wrapped a 245/35/19 Federal SS595 on a 19x11 and the stretch was just too insane for that weak sidewall.  I have now upgraded my rear tires to strong and dependable Dunlop SP Sportmaxx GTs. I may be also looking into getting LSD because I might want to start drifting as well.

Varrstoen 1.1.2
19x9.5 -10 Federal SS595 225/35/19
19x11 +10 Dunlop SP SportMaxx GT 255/35/19
SuperSport Coilovers
E39 Sport Sway Bars

E39 M5 Front & Rear Bumpers
Carbon Fiber Fabric Trims
E60 545i Short Shifter
ZHP Shift Knob
FRP Fin Diffuser
Magnaflow Quad Tip Exhaust (3.5" Tips)
6000k HIDs
LED Angel Eyes
Universal Trunk Spoiler
Tint 20% on Rears and 35% on Fronts
LED interior bulb swap

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