A Good Giant Headache (0.4)

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Nick P. 03 Honda Accord Ex

My crew member Joel (founder) of Gripset, forwarded me this email in the twilight hours of the night packed with info & details on this particular car that wanted to be feature on our site. First thing I thought about Nick P's. Honda Accord was that  its not everyone one's cup of tea but then I took a further look at some of the modifications he had done and without hesitation I decided to go ahead and feature him. One of the modification that one upped his feature was his custom wheel setup. Sure everyone loves BBS & CCW wheels but Nick P. took it to another level by customizing them, with a one off design. In addition to that, we all know how hard it is to pull off a bigger size wheel, in Nick's case he's riding low on 19s. Joel & I particularly think he pulled it off well, it sits perfect not over dramatic but just enough to be unique. Here is a bit of what Nick had to say about it.

What motivated you to build it?

Actually, I got to be honest what gave me the motivation to build this car was actually a guy from Flaccords his name is Alex, he has one of the sickest accords on the planet in my eyes. He made me want to get a 7th gen sedan. The best way to describe my car is its a giant headache but in a good way I always want to push myself to strive for difference. I feel that once all these mods are on, I'll be plenty different from the rest and it will definitely turn some heads.

What are your future plans?

I will deff. keep working on it. 

Mods: (up to this time were as follows)
OEM front lip
Custom CCWs with a one off design 19x8.5+35
19x10 +39
Function and form type 1 coilovers
ASEAN grill
Future mods:
D2 airbag suspension
06-07 front end
Inspire fog lights
Roof spoiler
OEM spoiler
03-05 rear lip

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