Clean & Simple - MK4(0.1)

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Johnathan O. " 04 MK4 VW GLI"

I gotta admit I am thrilled to start this "Daily Feature" section & proud to give this car the First Spot! Not only is this car Clean & Simple but it is legit, starting out with the wheels. As many of you know most people go for the BBS or the CCW wheels which I personally love but; Here is an example of an enthusiast that went beyond all and took it to the next level making his car have it's own style by putting some Offset BMW wheels. Deff. one of the cleanest WV GLI I have seen so far & of course it's a 4 Door. (Thumbs up to Johnathan O.

*What Motivate you to build? 
-My motivation was trying to be different from others and have it the way i WANT it

*Any futures plans for it?
-Some of my future plans are bags, B.T (big turbo) and some paint body work as well as interior.

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