Super FiTTED!! (0.2)

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Amadeo L. "09 Honda Fit Sport"

As I have mention before we are working on daily features for the site & we already have got a few in line. Many may not understand but it is ONE car per day, so please don't think your car didn't make it because it wasn't posted right away. Here on Gripset we don't reject you as long as your car is clean and you love it as well, and show us that your motivation for it, we'll FEATURE IT! I was browsing around our Instagram page and came accross this Super clean Fit and I said to myself aand my other crew member why not? It's clean and has it's own style. Love the fact that is not just any regular FIT lowered. The owner (Amadeo L.) has made it his own and we give him props for that. Here is a bit of info on Him & His FIT.

What motivated you to build it? 

My motivation was to get something new and something that didn't seem to catch much attention in the car scene. I've been a Honda head all my life. Came across the fit after my 95 civic hatch Eg was stolen from me as I was building it.  I Needed something reliable with a growing family. The words that I live by are "If I cant be fast just yet... I might as well look good while driving slow!

What are your future plans?

 -Well as soon as its payed off, you better believe a K20 transplant is going in there.. All motor too.. Also new body paint.. or why not just build it from the ground up again ;)

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