PURSUIT OF PERFECTION • YJ Kim's 2006 Lexus Is350

Going hard in the paint again, is Nick Gales, one of our newest additions to the GS fam. Big Thanks to all of you who keep and eye on GripSet, on our features, and support us! Truly keeps us motivated.

CLEAN & CLASSY • Raul Banales's 1995 Honda Accord

Joshua Sayre is a young and bright talent here at GripSet. He was introduced to us by Nate, from last years "one of a kind," feature. He's an independent kid with loads of talent and a heavy future in this industry. Not only did he find this feature, his timing was impeccable. Although it's a collab, his official GripSet debut is close. Kids got talent! He's already family; plus there's possibly no better home there here at GripSet right ( YOU BETTER HAVE ANSWERED YES!!! LOL )?

CARMEATS 6 • Event Covearge

We hope you all had a Happy New Years and a Merry Christmas. As the show season begins to roll around here's our first event coverage of the year to kick things off. Courtesy of GripSet's John Sediego. Remember, we are not about just low cars, but we are about cars, and community. We are about those cars that deserve spotlight, that deserves magazines, cars that you should see but never do! Meets like this make those dreams happen!

H2O Intn'l • Event Coverage ( LAST of 2013 FILES ) - HAPPY NEW YEARS!

I know you may be saying errrrmahgerrd batman why so late? But better late than never is our reply, hahahaha! This is just one of those times where many of us were busy. Photo/Feature edits just slipped through the cracks. The worst time and the free time to finish this up would come during the holiday season. There was no way, or no better way than to end the new year than with the extraordinary images from GripSets Logan Wilson of H2Oi.

FUNCTION = FORM • Andy Kuo's 2007 Subaru Impreza WRX

Our relationship with newcomer Nick Gales pre-dates GripSet. It was a friendship kindled by cars, between he and our founder. Years later as fate would have it the two paths would cross again. Low and behold with his debut feature as a GripSet photographer, also repping So.Cal, Nick Gales lends his crisp talents!

PAPARAZZI PAPARAZZI • Virgil Patdus 2002 Lexus LS430

This guy has been beastin lately, and If you understood his passion for GripSet you could probably tell it's clearly visible by his onslaught of coverage recently. His passion for cars is tremendous, I'm talking motor vehicles period, a true passion without bias. Colin Kagel turns up this week with some clean daily VIP footage.

10 YEARS of MOTOR 4 TOYS • Event Coverage

There are countless places in the world where we could have been born, a million possibilities for living circumstances and scenarios we could be in, but torn down to the raw basics we have our "freedom" as Americans. Having a meet for the heck of it, or for a (com)passionate cause is where we draw our strengths and leave messages to our future. Colin Kagel is my "sunrise guy," if you can't tell by the pics, it was butt-crak-of-dawn-early, and Colin was out on his grind. No sad face, no excuses, FOR ALL OF YOU!

R YOU SERIOUS? • Alex Alfaro's 98' Integra Type R

We never stop looking for the next feature, or hoping that our next supporter submits their ride. The keen eye of John Sediego, our SD GripSet aficionado, seems to be in tune with our needs. As the year begins to wind up for the end of 2013. We slow it down a bit, and bring you some passionate builds. 

JOLLY GREEN GIANT • Frederik Ceulemans 1975 MK1 Volkswagen Scirocco TS

The talented, and amazing, never cease to amaze! Our UK photographer Neil Sterry, AKA "the butcher," strikes again. With this rare classic entry it's the finest example of time, and patience, to turn the ordinary into extraordinary.